h Как да инсталираме ЕЛМ 327
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Стъпка 1 : Изтеглете последните драйвери за ELM-327

(Кабелът НЕ трябва да бъде свързан с компютърът ви.)

Изтеглете следните ELM327 драйвери: Driver Pack 1Driver Pack 2

Кликнете два пъти за да ги инсталиране.


Стъпка 2 : Plug ELM327 Cable Into Your Laptop

(Cable should NOT be connected to your car yet.)

Вкарайте кабелът в USB порта на вашият компютър.

Windows Vista/7/8:

 Ако драйверите са успешно инсталирани следва: Step 6

 Ако драйверите не са успешно инсталирани : Step 3

Windows XP:

Ако диспечерът на устройствата се отвори (както е показано по доло), просто го затворете с Cancel.

Отидете на стъпка 3


Стъпка 3 : Изтеглете допълнителни драйвери

Download additional ELM327 drivers here.

And unextract the downloaded ZIP file anywhere on your computer.


STEP 4: Access Device Manager

Windows Vista/7/8:

Control Panel » System » Device Manager

Windows XP:

Control Panel » System » "Hardware" tab » Device Manager


Стъпка 5: Инсталирайте последните драйвери

Right-click on "FT232R USB UART" or "USB Serial Port" — and click on "Update Driver Software" — as per below pictures:



Then Browse to the folder where you unextracted drivers from Step 3.


NOTE: If you don't see above devices in your Control Panel, then
assume everything is working, in which case go to Step 6 below.


STEP 6: Install OBD Software & Connect Cable to Car

TIP: Never have more then 1 OBD software open on your computer.

A) Install your OBD software. Don't launch it yet.

B) Connect the cable to your computer and the car.

C) Place the key in the ignition and turn it forward to the "ON" position. (Position where all dashboard lights are on. It's one position before engine starts.)

D) Launch your OBD software. Click "Connect", and it'll auto-connect to the car.

TIP: If you want maximum data reported by your OBD software, you'll need to have vehicles engine running.